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The World of Sylph [entries|friends|calendar]
Final Fantasy XI Sylph

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.dat swaps [27 Jun 2007|06:04pm]

I've been having a lot of fun with .dat files. I took some screenshots of changes I made. I got the mod files from http://www.ffxidats.com/page.php?id=1850 .
I have more pics posted to my character's MySpace. www.myspace.com/solinaritaru

My female blue chocobo SilverMoon now has First Class Receptivity and Discernment.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Updates on my FFXI Exploits [22 May 2007|09:43am]

I'm Solinari. I've begun playing semi-earnestly again after a long lull. I'm on and off with the game, which I believe is healthy to be. I'm dedicating myself to furthering BLU. I'm in a Sunday static with my brother Nuitari and linkshell mates, Sieka, Saralar, Halceon, and maybe eventually Mauiwowi. My attempts at recreating a queer linkshell failed. Some of the reason for that is my enjoyment of my current linkshell, Gwynfor. It's the predecessor and then descendent of RoyalGwynfor, run by Sieka and I think Stardragon plays a major role in it too. I heart them both.

I'm also dedicating myself to my new blue chocobo, Silvermoon. She's going to be a digger. She has above average Discernment and impressive Receptivity. I'm training her via the following method: care plan: cycling 3 days Act in Play & 3 days Dig for Treasure. I feed her Gysahl greens and a Zegham carrot. I give her a celerity salad when she's sick, which sell from Jeuno for around 2-3k. Each day, I take her on a long walk and then read to her. When she has special conditions such as receptive to food, I give her all Zegham Carrots. When she's receptive to training, I keep telling her stories until her energy bar starts getting low, then I give her a chocolixir and greens (to raise her affection, since I'm working her hard) and tell her more stories until her energy bar's at the half way point (if you go too far, it injures the chocobo). I do Kamp Kweh as many times a day as I can until she's inspired. Here's the deal with Kamp Kweh. You have one chance per day to be inspired by another player's chocobo, but you can try more than one chocobo in a day. For example, I've played with Windexiii's chocobo, not been inspired, and then played with Mischief (Stardragon's alt) 's chocobo AzureIce, and then been inspired. I don't know if you can be inspired more than once in a day. SilverMoon sucks at racing unfortunately. I've never gotten better than 4th place. I had to use a Speed Apple and Steady Pace to get that. My next chocobo will be a racer. I got a card from Levy's incredible RedComet who has First Class Strength & Endurance and Average Receptivity.

=O [10 Dec 2006|04:35pm]

I wonder why I never noticed this place existed before >.>

Kind of dead in here though, no? *crickets*

So... how about that deflation? Can't sell anything these days, even at severe undercuts =X
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I finally did it! [22 Nov 2006|02:06am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

I've been playing since the North American PC launch way back when, gone through one character, quit and restarted with another. After hours spent -not- leveling and instead questing (hero status in all nations w00t), farming, and doing missions, I finally hit 75 on my first job, ninja! Tis an exciting day for this hume. *glee*

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Also, wtf has been going on with Besieged lately? We lose to level 1 trolls, we had a streak of level 6s and now nothing but 10min rounds with 400 exp outputs lol. lame.
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[01 Nov 2006|01:17am]


Happy Halloween everyone!

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[27 Oct 2006|03:41pm]

Three years.

I've started and graduated from University (2 year diploma D: )
Moved out on my own (across the country)
Dated and broken up with half a dozen girls (amazingly, none over this game)
Gotten a "real job" (lol posting from work)
Grown up a hell of a lot (lolemokid)

And the only thing that has stayed constant?


Through all the drama, nerfs, lost friends and grinding, I'm still here.
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[17 Oct 2006|11:10pm]

I'm so tired of Drama. No wonder everyone is quitting.
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Meeting Amalicah [12 Oct 2006|12:04am]

I was down in Cincinnati this weekend at a wedding and had the opportunity to drive up near where Amalicah and Keykei live (if you don't know them, ignore this post). While we sat and ate lunch, I was able to quickly snap a picture of the secretive and never before photographed Amalicah!

So, without further ado!
What? It's a big pictureCollapse )
PS: I'm the really sexy one on the left.
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Maat's Going Down! [07 Oct 2006|10:06am]

Finally after 2 1/2 years of play, 355 levels, 2 expansions packs, and a partrage in a pear tree >.>
I have made it to another one of Maat's limits, and now he wants to see what I'm made of.   I made the setup for him, and I sure hope I beat him down.  Cuz I don't want to lose to an old man.

Here's what I plan to use:

Maat Equipment List (Estimated Stat Increase)

Main: Espadon +1 
Shield: Diamond Shield 
Ammo: Bibiki Seashell 
Head: Gallant Coronet, Sipahi Turban
Body: Gallant Surcoat, Sipahi Jawshan
Hands: Gallant Gauntlets, Sipahi Dastanas
Legs: Gallant Breeches, Sipahi Zerehs
Feet: Gallant Leggings 
Earrings: Drone Earring x2
Neck: Opo-opo Necklace, Chivalrous Chain 
Back: Amemet MantleKnightly Mantle 
Rings: Vigor Ring x2
Waist: Potent Belt,

Hi-Ether x3 
Hi-Potion +2 x8 
Icarus Wing  
Nero di Seppia
Persikos au Lait 
Sleeping Potion x4  
Yagudo Drink x3 


1. Enter battlefield nude (I heard that this technique doesn't work, but there's always hope)
2. Use Protect III and Shell III
3. Equip DD Gear
4. Hit Food Macro (activating Yagudo Drink, Persikos au Lait & Nero di Seppia)
5. Drink all 4 Sleeping Potions (for a total of 100% TP and a little over 2 minutes sleeping while wearing Opo-opo Necklace)
6. Equip Chivalrous Chain
7. Get behind Maat and attack with Vorpal Blade (I am skilled to enough make Vorpal Blade my first attack before Maat can land a hit, my first fight proved that)
8. Icarus Wing
9. Flash (when Maat's Flash wears)
10. Vorpal Blade
11. Reset Knightly Mantle back into equipment
12. Sentinel
13. Use Rampart when Sentinel wears
14. Repeat 10-11
15. Depending if HP is good and Yagudo Drink is still active, use Invincible after Maat hits Banish II at this point, and sleep 25% TP
16. When awake, repeat 14 till Maat gives up

Side Strategies:

Only use MP for Cure IV:
- Use Cures right after Maat hits you, otherwise be wasting time getting interrupted
- If running very low on HP/MP, use Invincible, and use Hi-Potions to heal fast

Maat's Abilities and Strategy:
-Maat's Bash: Damage and stun.  Damage ranged 43-103, avg. 59
--Just take the hit, and if stunned, hault all action till it wears off.

-Banish II: Damage hit for 69 each time
--Shield Bash him or hit Vorpal Blade, and pray he gets interrupted.  If not availiable, then pray your attack interrupts him.

Hand-to-Hand Weaponskills
-Pray to Altana he doesn't kill you
-Get ready to hit Flash > Cure IV

Maat's Invincible
-Change to Paladin AF, hault Vorpal Blade and focus on Flash > Cure IV till it wears off, then rechange back into original setup

Give me your thoughts, opinions, anything that would make Maat die a thousand deaths.

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I'm Confused [24 Sep 2006|09:55pm]
So is this community still active? I haven't seen anybody posting.

I would post something FFXI related, but ever since my move, I haven't been able to get on. My current IP Address blocks game servers. I'm getting another address soon.

If you want a clue how long I've been away, I hear my little Zephyr Rose is all grown up now. I haven't seen the little guy since he was a chick.
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[04 Sep 2006|11:19pm]

Does anyone know of a website that covers fishing areas in Aht Urhgan? I love the clanwind fishing databank but they haven't implemented AU areas into their site yet. Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you.

WTF, what happened to finalfantasy11? o.O
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Hydra Havoc [30 Aug 2006|08:56pm]

Fun w/ Hydras:::

Click below for pics:
Read more...Collapse )

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Chocobo Babies! [27 Aug 2006|01:23am]

Well, I started Chocobo Raising in FFXI this week, and my chick hatched earlier yesterday:

Hope you guys are having fun to ^_^.

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"You've come along way..." [12 Aug 2006|04:01am]
Now, usually I will never brag about anything. As a bard there's usually not much you can that other jobs care about anyway. I'm humble in my job and love it dearly.

X-posted finalfantasy11
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Things you don't like to see when you zone [10 Aug 2006|10:08am]

Got to stay home from work yesterday(yay!) because I was sick as a dog(boo!) so when I was able to sit up I logged in. The other day my brother asked me to check the prices in Al Zahibi for dice the merchant there was selling. Well since I wasn't doing anything too important I caught a boat to White Gate and then zoned to only to run right into the middle of besieged O.o, ahhh crap. Not much I could do, I was ok enough to land a hit but it was doing around 0 dmg(I guess 53 is still too weak) so I stood back and shot off random chi blasts for 23-30 dmg a shot. I was lucky enough to see the NM warp and learn that the warp taru was ok lol. Didn't get anything for it since I am not registered to the imperial army but I guess not dieing was my reward. Sometimes I should check before wandering into zones that can be a walking death trap....but what fun is that?
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And All-Nighter Well Rewarded [09 Aug 2006|07:21am]
Ok, let's start this off at 8:00pm on a Sunday night. I've been tagging along with a CoP static, just joining them for a little help. I bump into the leader of the static in Jeuno. We get to talking and he says he is about to do Promy-Vahzl. I question him because he was planning on doing Promy with his static on Saturday. A friend of his was willing to help him get through it. I said, "Cool, think I could tag along since I can't make it Saturday?" Unfortunately, they were full and I couldn't. Oh well, no problem. I'm just gonna go farm then. I asked him if they still need a SMN, lemme know.

It was about 1:00 when I get a tell from the leader, "Get your butt over to Pso'Xia NOW!!" I warp to Al Zahbi to get changed, buy a tele, and find out that there's just me, the leader, and an old RDM friend there waiting. Everyone else was still in sky, and we were waiting on them to get finished. At 2:30am they finally come, and the leader is dead tired. We pop the Golem and we almost died. He decides to DC and leave. The party setup was now NIN RDM BLM BLM SMN. Nin became the leader of the party and said to move in. Find out the RDM need the promy done too. I just kept my mouth shut about my reasons to stay, almost thought of leaving too, and we kill the golem in a matter of seconds, and we enter promy.

As we continued through the promy, I did what I usually did. Pop the atlas up and the mission info from Alla, tell them I have them both up, and I make myself "The Guide." NIN said that was alright, and everytime I told him something like, "The MR is Southeast." He run straight to it. Dunno if he had a map or not, but he had great sense of direction. MRs were no problem at all, NIN took care of most of the strays, RDM refreshed everyone except the NIN ^.^ and took care of some strays, BLMs both took care of the MRs and sStrays, and I mainly bitch slapped (the Shiva DBL Slap ^^) the MR.

Our first NM was no problem, only one death, the BLM kept getting aggro by some nearby Weepers. NM went down too easy. 2nd NM was a problem, we all got wiped. We get back up, NIN moves the NM away from the Flux, and it goes down much faster with the same BLM dead again, this time the NM got him >.> 3rd NM was easy too, this one got seriously bitch slapped by Shiva, I don't know why, but Shiva didn't like him.

Anyway, we move into the spire. Everyone is getting dead tired, but we decide to do the BCNM for kicks and giggles. Basically if we win, we win. IF we lose, we lose, go home, go to bed. So, we go in and fight the mobs the same order we killed them on the way up here (The offspringer NM, the spidey NM, then the Absorber NM). First NM went smoothly... till is was near death. The Spidey NM started attacking, and the Offspringer was offspringing was having his pissoff session (the NM goes mad and spams his skills). We manage to kill the Offspringer, but the Spidey NM was causing all too much problems, basically we all were dying. It was almost the end of it... till there was one BLM left standing. The BLM did the smartest move I have seen anyone do, she raised the RDM. After that, it just got so much easier. The RDM starts kiting with Binds and Gravity. Refreshing her MP to raise everyone. The BLMs help raise too, and I was the last to get raised. The plan was when I got up and was unweakened, I was to begin the Astral Flowing (No one had used 2hours yet).

I rest back to full, pull out Ramuh, and it was Judgement Day. The Spidey falls down like a whipped baby, and the last NM gets spanked by Ramuh once. During Ramuh's smack-down, BLMs had their 2hours going off, Freezing the last 2 NMs to death. RDM Chainspelled, with no MP... oh well. Death by Freeze and we win the promy!! A 5 person pt whipped the entire run, that's was a glorious run.

It was 7:15am when we finished, and I remembered that Molbolger was up. I checked the caves, no one was there. With the adrenaline rush I got from the promy, I whizzed to Ordelles like I was the Flash on steriods, and there he was... Unclaimed... and nowhere to run. I pull out my sword, buff up, and begin the smack down. 200 damage to me and a bad breath later, the vine drops. I was over-joyed. I got all 3 items now to get my Brown Belt. I logged off and collapsed. I was worn out.

My thanks goes to these people who helped me that night.

Klenen, the Leader of the Static, who invited me to the promy. Sorry you didn't come with us.
Naar, the NIN, who had great sense of direction and leadership qualities, you brought us to victory
Morwenna, the old RDM friend, who also needed Promy-Vazhl finished. So congradulations to you too!
Trustme, the smart BLM, who raised the RDM when things were looking dim.
And Disturbedcreep, the last BLM, who came at the last minute and stuck with us throughout the entire mission.
Thank you all, it was a rough mission well deserved to be bragged about.

Jager's Character Information
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FFXI needs a Boost [09 Aug 2006|10:49am]

Its not that the game has changed much.

But lets look at this:

The average person currently playing has a job over level 70. More than likely, they've done a lot of end-game and have had to purchase "good" armor in the process.

Now that the RMT's are banned, the prices on the AH dropped over half of the old prices. So some of the people that spend 11 mil on a Scorpion Harness, now have an armor item thats worth 3.5 mil.

While this is OBVIOUSLY not the only problem, its one of the situations SEI was hoping would fix itself with promises of items from Assault and whatnot.

The other problem, most people are over level 10. Yea, its normal right? But when I started playing 70% of the server was still leveling newer and low level jobs, Valkurm dunes was swelling with gamers, as was Qufim.

Now, new players have such hard times getting past level 20, because of the lack of people still leveling in those lower level areas.

SEI would've been smart, to release more than just 3 new jobs. There are people that already have one of the new jobs to 75, and another one about level 50-60. They really should've released like 6-8 jobs, thus allowing for a much broader spectrum of skills and abilities. It would also make it easier for people to go back to Valkurm Dunes and work on one of the new jobs.

Puppetmaster for instance, is a job designed around the success of the Beastmaster, and addons for the puppet only make it more interesting. The real problem, is that Corsair, is basically just a bard with a gun, and Blue Mage is overpowered to the point it can be a tank, DD, and healer all at once.

So we already know SEI will either Gimp the shit out of Blue Mage, or that they're going to ungimp all the other jobs to bring them up to the gameplay level of BLU.

DRG for instance, has been gimped for almost 2 years. They finally allowed the spawn wyrven to be an easier ability, but you and I both know thats only a start to fixing the job.

DRG needs to be given a wider array of moves, thigns it can do in conjunction with the pet. Like for instance, when Cid (FF7) would use his Highwind special, maybe that should be something new for DRG. Give DRG's something to rejoice over.

Monk also, has now been outdamaged by BLU. Monk was supposed to be the heaviest hitter in the game, but BLU can obviously outdamage thanks to Critical Hit Rate.

And look at Kirin. A well made Blue Mage can straight tank Kirin... What the hell?

So there ya go. If they would've released a few more jobs, it would've made the expansion moreover accepted, and better acclimated to aid in the success of FFXI and the continuation and expansion of the world of Vana'Diel.

Chocobo Racing is a start, but theres a lot more that needs to be done to this game. Making special (Entertainment) jobs, like dancer, fireworks specialist, heck, even food vendor. Things where, a Linkshell or group of people can have their own in-game festival. This would spawn entire new ways that groups of people get together. You could join the group of entertainers at level 1, and just do that for fun. Dancers could level up new dance moves and be able to do more and more things.

Little mini-games like that, would really help to un-dull this game.

Think about that SEI.

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w00t [01 Aug 2006|03:14pm]

Hello Sylphians ^^b!! Name's Seidell. A big HA'LO to to everyone I know and to everyone I don't nice to meet yah :)
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DING! 100 Woodworking! [01 Aug 2006|10:49am]

I Finally Did ItCollapse )
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Back into the MNK Style [01 Aug 2006|07:07am]

Last night I wanted to log in to do this years summer event quest, so I exit my MH in Port Jeuno and make my way to the airship dock to Bastok. As I board the ship I get a message of the event quest being shut down for a short amount of time due to problems with it. Luckly I was able to get off the airship and threw my flag up with the slight hope that tonight I could get my MNK to 53. The video game God must of been smiling on me last night, within five minuets of having my party flag up I got an invite. Took us a little time to get started, well because we were going to be killing the toocan in the forest outside Al Zahibi. So me and one other pt member Teleport-Mea and run to Mhaura and happily board the boat to the Near East. I was board so I ran up topside and started to kill the crabs and pugs for fun. I must say the battle music on the boat sounds like an up tempo version of the Mortal Kombat song. Finally get to Al Zahibi and make our way to the camp. We then proced to kill toocan sam's left and right and steal their fruit loops lol. I must say I didn't know why people said the birds were broken until we kill one and with the Empress band on I get 450xp.....not like I minded though. We killed bird after bird for a good 2 hours, which landed me my sought after level 53MNK/26WAR ^.^ got my xp buffer as well, I was all ready for more killing but like me four other members had to leave because we all had to get up earily(see 4am) for work the next day. Oh well it was an Awesome pt, nobody died and we worked as a great team. Though I must say those birds with their Tp drain attack and food stealing are one tough mother in a fight.

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